Explore Charming Kerala Cities

22 Nov

If you are on Kerala tours then never forget to cherish the beauty of popular Kerala cities. You will be enthralled toKollam Travel Guide see the charisma of Kerala cities which is so much appealing. All the Kerala cities have their own charm and significance. On Kerala cities tour, you can easily know about the best attractions of the city. Usually, the Kerala people speak in two languages viz. English and Malayalam. Besides it, you can also know about the tradition, culture, festivals and cultural activities of every Kerala city. To know about all, you can also hire a Kerala city guide that can give you proper information about Kerala cities .

Lets us know about some of the popular Kerala city travel guides that are:

Kollam Travel Guide
Kollam is a well known city of Kerala. Kollam- the oldest seaport is also renowned as “Quilon” and it is located on the bank of Ashtamudi Lake far of 70 km from Trivandrum. It is counted among the best suited tourist sites in Kerala.

Some of the major attractions of Kollam are:

• Ashtamudi Lake

• Kottankulangara Chamayavillanku

• Jatayupara

• Kottarakkara

You can explore the best allures of the place with the help of Kollam Travel with ease.

Wayanad Travel Guide

The Wayanad Travel enables you to explore the bests of the places. Wayanad is situated at 1200 meter above from the sea level. This tourist site is blessed with amazing greenery, adventure spots, scenic ambiences and many more.

Some of the best known attractions of Wayanad are:Wayanad Travel Guide

• Kanthanpara Waterfall

• Jain Temple at Sulthan Bathery

• Sentinel Rock Waterfall

• Pallikkunn Church

• Pallickall Mosque

Alleppey Travel Guide
Alleppey is one of the highly visited tourist sites in Kerala. This tourist place is also popular as “Venice of the East”. Tourists can also explore some beautiful backwaters and green valleys in Alleppey. This place is also renowned for popular Snake Boat race that are organized on the charming lakes of Alleppey.

Some of the best attractions of Alleppey are:

• St. Sebastian Church

• Champakulam in Alleppey

• Alappuzha beach

• Chavara Bhavana

• Krishnapuram Palace

You can discover the bests of Alleppey with the help of Alleppey Travel with ease.

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