Kerala Festivals- Time to celebrations

2 Nov

Kerala the ‘God’s Own Country’ is renowned for the colorful festivals, diverse traditions and culture which are celebrated throughout the year with lots of gaiety and enthusiasm. During the time of fiestas, most of the people decorate their houses with startling lights, fresh flowers, pretty rangolis and entirely plunge themselves in the pool of merrymaking and jollification. Moreover, the ,Kerala Festivals enhance the precious gems of the state and also include splendid classical dance performances, melodious music, enormous processions, superb theatrical performances, fireworks and feasts.Kerala FestivalsYes, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that every season in Kerala is a reason to celebrate lots of festivals. Besides it, you can also participate in the breathtaking fiestas of southern part of India and get the incredible experience for the life time.

Here, we are going to know about the diverse fiestas of the state:

Onam Festival
This fiesta is celebrated with lots of pomp and happiness in Kerala. It is celebrated in the months August and September. On this festivity, most of the people adorn their houses with beautiful flowers and amazing lights. Moreover, people give symbolic warm welcome to King Mahabali. It is celebrated with much fervor and savour. You can also search few more charms of the Onam Festival such as Snake Boat Race, Onasadhya, Kaikkottikkali, Pookkalam and lots more.Thrissur pooram festival• Thrissur Pooram Festival
Thrissur pooram festival is celebrated at the temple town of Thrissur in Kerala of South India. This fiesta is celebrated in every year in the mid of the months of March & April. Furthermore, the Vadakkunnathan shrine and Thekkinkadu maidan shrine are the major venues of this festival. You can also explore some of the main lures like drums concert, heavy fireworks shows, parade of 30 adorned elephants along with the percussion ensemble from diverse holy places of the Kerala that come to end at the Vadakkunnathan temple.


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