Amazing Kerala Cities

29 Oct

Whenever you go for Kerala tour, you should have to visit the popular cities of God’s own country (Kerala). Cochin TravelIt is for sure that you will be delighted to see the charisma of Kerala Cities which are colorful and give traditional reflection of the state. You will be glad to explore the amazing lifestyle of Kerala people and their traditional dressing sense is also awesome. Kerala cities are rich with various restaurants, hotels, temples and lots more traditional monuments. People of Kerala sing traditional songs during the harvest session and also celebrate Kerala festivals with great zeal. For more information about Kerala, you can also hire a travel guide for Kerala cities.

Some best known Kerala cities travelers are:

Cochin Travel
Cochin travel guide will give full information about the city. Cochin is counted as the second largest city of Kerala. This city is also popular as the “Queen of Arabian Sea”. Cochin is renowned at global level for its perfumed species like ginger, cinnamon, black paper, cardamom, turmeric etc. Besides it, you can also explore the best known backwaters, beaches, St. Francis Church and lots more attractions in Cochin city of Kerala. You can avail all the details about the city through Cochin Travel with ease.

Kumarakom TravelKannur Travel
Kumarakom Travel guide will also help you to explore this city. The “Kumarakom bird Sanctuary” is renowned across the South India. At such bird sanctuary, you can explore the rare species of migrated birds and other animals as well. Besides it, this city is also rich with varied outlandish hotels. Few of the best known Kumarakom hotels are hotel Golden Waters Retreat, Waterscapes, Hotel Kumarakom Lake resort etc. All the accommodations are designed very elegantly and their offered lodging facilities are also world class. Hence, Kumarakom city is also a perfect city to visit.

Kannur Travel
Kannur Travel guide will let you know about this city with ease. Kunnur is also known as “Cannanore”. Some well known beaches of Kunnur are Meenkunn, Muzhipilangad, Kizhunna Ezhara, Payyambalam etc. This tour will also let you know about popular festivals of Kunnur that are Jaganatha temple festival, Kottiyoor festival, Theyyam festival etc. Hence, Kunnur is also an awesome city of Kerala to explore.

Thus, Kerala cities are wonderful tourist sites of the state.


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