Charming Kerala Backwaters Houseboats

15 Oct

Exploring Kerala backwaters via houseboats is an exciting travel experience in the “God’s own country”. This joutrivendram backwatersrney is dedicated to the popular backwater sites of Kerala. You can find varied backwaters in Kerala at diverse locations such as Alappuzha backwaters, Trivandrum Backwaters , Kochi backwater, Kerala mountain backwaters, Kollam backwaters and so on. All these backwaters spots are rich with natural greenery and awesome lakes as well. Plan your trip to any of the best suited backwaters of Kerala and enjoy out there.

Visitors may have option of houseboats which are decorated with different materials like bamboos, coconut fibers, mat, carpet etc. You can hire houseboat and explore the beauty of backwaters, lakes and other waters spots of Kerala with ease. Houseboats can be hired at the reasonable charges which are based on their elegance and facilities available in them. Hence, Kerala Houseboats are best options for tourism in the God’s own country.

Apart from backwaters, you can also relish the enchanting temples, hill stations, sea beaches and other green location of Kerala as well. Besides it, if you have interest in Kerala festivals, you need to go for the option of Kerala festival tour package as well. With this privilege, youkerala fastival can easily come to know about popular Kerala Festivals such as Onam Festival , Vishnu festival, Nehru Trophy Boat Race, Attukal Pongala and many more. All these festivals are celebrated at large scale across the Kerala.

After a long journey to the nature land Kerala, you can stay in fascinating hotels of the state. Kerala hotels offer the wonderful traditional welcome to the visitors. Besides it, you can avail the best accommodation services in luxury or five star hotels of Kerala. Charges are also under the budget, but quality of room service is always admirable in Kerala hotels.
Thus, Kerala backwater houseboats are incredible ways to explore bests of Kerala.


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