Kerala Wildlife: Sooths and Pacifies you in the Lap of the Mother Nature

23 Sep

Kerala has quite a different geography and this is the reason behind its accommodating varied species both ofKerala wildlife flora as well as fauna. The state is full of several natural reserves where these varied species of flora and fauna are well conserved. There are majority of elephants and tigers in Kerala Wildlife , yet you will explore endangered as well as scarce species that consist of Indian Sloth Bear, Lion-tailed Macaque and Gaur found in such parks.

Kerala is home to a lot of thrill and adventure and hence, tourists from all over the world visit the state. Kerala is gifted with vibrant and vivid flora, enchanting beaches, beautiful greenery, refreshing backwaters and most importantly, enthralling wildlife. Kerala has many great topical forests which accommodate a varied range of wildlife. You must certainly go for Kerala Wildlife Tours.

These tours give you a real feel and experience of the most charming wildlife destinations. Throughout the year, both nature admirers and wildlife aficionados across the globe take a tour to Kerala, India’s southern state, just to catch a glimpse of its vibrant flora as well as fauna. Undoubtedly, Kerala Wildlife is a major tourist attraction.

Therefore, if you are planning to visit its wildlife, you should choose the best Kerala Wildlife Tour Packages. Kerala possesses several well knowKumarakom Bird Sanctuaryn wildlife destinations. Its wildlife sanctuaries are one of the best fascinations of Kerala Tourism. Some of the most famous Kerala Wildlife Sanctuaries include Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary, Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary, Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary and Eravikulam Wildlife Sanctuary.

Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary is known to be the most popular wildlife sanctuary located in the state of Kerala. Stretched over an area of around 777 square kilometers, the wildlife sanctuary is positioned in the Western Ghats. Transverse to this park, the Periyar Lake flows. It is truly amazing to witness the wild animals, while you are riding on a boat within the lake. The wild reserve is home to sloth bears, tigers, wild elephants, wild boars, stripe-necked mangoose, etc. Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary serves to be a paradise on the earth, as you can find around 260 different bird varieties.

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