Kerala Temples- Best Places for Worship

3 Sep

Most of the visitorsKerala Temples are keen to known about various temples of Kerala. There are so many shrines in Kerala such as Sabarimala temple, Vadakkumnathan temple, Guruvayur temple, Padmanabhaswamy temple and many more. All these holy places are designed very gracefully. Thus, the Kerala temples are the best suited visiting places for the global devotees. Let us talk about few Kerala Temples as follows:

Sabarimala Temple
This temple is situated in the Western Ghat peak ranges of Pathanamthitta area in Kerala. This holy place is devoted to the Lord Ayyappa. The exciting fact is that, this temple does not open throughout the year. This holy place does not open for worship only during the festive seasons of Makaravilakku, Mandalapooja and Chitra Vishnu. The Sabarimala temple is designed truly elegantly. Hence, the Sabarimala Temple is very popular among the global devotees.

Guruvayur Temple
This temple is situated in the Thrissur district of Kerala. This temple is dedicated to the Lord Vishnu. This shrine is blessed with a magnificent image of Lord Krishna with four arms holding a mace, a lotus, a conch and a discus. The icon of Lord Krishna has made up from the special stone like Patala Anjana. You can also cherish wonderful statues of the Lord Krishna, amazing architectures, beautiful paintings and so on. However, Guruvayur Temple has special significance for the Vishnu’s devotees.

Vadakkumnathan Temple
This temple is one of the ancient holy places of the South India. It is located in Kerala. This temple is devoted Padmanabhaswamy Templeto the Lord Shiva. There are many images or statutes of Lord Shiva which are designed really gracefully in this temple. Basically, there are four gopurams which are surrounded with every side of the temple. Thus, Vadakkumnathan Temple has exceptional importance for the Shiva’s lovers.

Padmanabhaswamy Temple
Padmanabhaswamy temple is a well known shrine of Kerala. This temple is devoted to the Lord Vishnu. This temple is rich with varied wonderful images or sculptures of the Lord Vishnu which are decorated with gold and precious stones. This temple is designed truly attractively. Hence, Padmanabhaswamy Temple has special importance for the Vishnu’s devotees.


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